Self-esteem vs God-esteem

Girl with mirrors

This post from Compared to Who (link below) ministered to me because the topic of self-esteem has been on my mind a lot lately.  For the past few decades there has been a strong message about the importance of self-esteem and self-awareness.  As one Minister of the Gospel put it at our church on Sunday……”You have to truly love yourself before you can obey the command that God has given you to love others.”  This is so true.  The question today is will having high self-esteem and self-awareness cause us to love ourselves or just be self-focused? 

Nowhere is the bible is self-esteem mentioned nor is it mentioned as a fruit of the spirit.   It does talk about the necessity to love yourself.  So how does that happen?  Self-esteem focuses on relying on self where as God esteem focuses on knowing who He is and what you can count on from your creator.  God esteem is knowing that when you fail, He has grace, mercy, and is ready and available to help you get back on your feet!  You can’t get that from yourself……….you didn’t create yourself.

I hope you enjoy Heather’s thoughts as much as I did:

4 Reasons You Don’t Need More Self-Esteem


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