This is my friend, Meghan.  She posted this on Facebook and I thought it was awesome!  Enjoy!

One thing that attracts me to Jesus time and time again is He’s not afraid, surprised, or turned off by anything sin, shame, or thing that isn’t perfect! I love that Jesus breaks the culture norm and declared the woman with a tainted past glorious when she poured purfume on His feet! I love that when He looks at me He sees who I really am and any struggle He has such compassion for! I love that He came in the most unique and humble way possible for a King to come! I love that I can talk to Him while I’m laying in bed, driving, washing dishes or anywhere! I love that He is more devoted to me than I am to Him!…

This picture was taken in a nightclub where people gather to worship Jesus…it makes my heart soar! I love that Jesus is willing to meet with us in a place such as this! I love the testimony this brings! This night club is in a rough part of town, with a strip club right next to it! Those women literally have the Holy Spirit taking up residence right next to them, I love it! What a testimony of Jesus-He doesn’t wait for us to cry out to Him…but He comes to us with arms wide open! He’s not afraid of the darkest of dark sins, and I for one think that is the coolest thing! My passion is to love others extavagantly! The Lord has given me that part of His heart! God is the most extravagant person I have ever met….ask me about my story and I will tell you some of the extravagant ways He has rescued me, set me free, delivered me and healed me deeply! FREEDOM ❤️ While I never ever want to go through the pain of my past again I am so glad how the Lord has used it to make me the person I am now and who I will become! My Mom-moms favorite scripture is Romans 8:28 and now I know why….she always has such wisdom 😉 Take a chance on Jesus, tell Him your secrets, your joys, your fears!

You're blessed because you BELIEVED in the Lord, He would fulfill His promises to you :) TQM Preciosa:


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David didn't need to know Goliath's strength because he already knew God's

the Fall, Eve, Christ's love, women's insecurities, Genesis 1-3

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