Why Ana/Annabelle?

How did this blog  get such a seemingly unrelated name for it’s subject of food issues?  You may not be aware, but there are many web sites that promote anorexia.  Such sites are called “pro-ana”.  It has been discouraging to me that men and women struggling with anorexia can find many sites to perpetuate their issue.

One day in February I was running on my treadmill and I sensed God speaking the name, “Ana” and the acronym “Abundantly Nurtured by Abba” I felt the urging to look up the name Ana.  When I looked up the meaning of Ana, I found that it means grace!  http://www.sheknows.com:

Hebrew Meaning:

The name Ana is a Hebrew baby name. In Hebrew the meaning of the name Ana is: Grace.

American Meaning:

The name Ana is an American baby name. In American the meaning of the name Ana is: Grace.

Spanish Meaning:

The name Ana is a Spanish baby name. In Spanish the meaning of the name Ana is: Grace; favor.. Often used in blended names like Analee and Anarosa.

As someone who leans on God’s grace and mercy for almost everything, I understood that only through His grace and nurturing will someone be healed of anorexia and/or bulimia or any eating issue no matter how small it may be.

I was also hearing that I should look up the meaning of Annabelle.  I love this name and it means joy, but then I found a current, slang meaning for this name.  It was surprising to me.  Here is what I found at Urbandictionary.com

Top Definition
The most beautiful girls in the world, men fall at their feet and women would kill themselves to look like them. Where ever they walks it is as if time stands still and no one can tear their eyes from them. their beauty is almost beyond description. But they have many faults, they are proud, haughty, cold and manipulative, they will hurt you just for fun. However they are always successful in what ever they do and their beauty is immortal. The poets will sing it throughout the ages, they will inspire artists and musicians, and their talents will far surpass others . They will never grow old, and will stay branded on your mind and heart forever.
Wow!  Annabelle in it’s slang term is the Antithesis of Ana.  So this blog is dedicated to those who are struggling with their identity being found more under the influence of the world’s standards (Annabelle) and wanting, needing, and knowing that instead, they need to walk in God’s grace and favor (Ana).